Tech-Based Investment Company unveils a proprietary, never-before-released Cryptocurrency Exchange Trading Bot That’s Generating Unparalleled Returns

How our Trading bot performs

Cryptocurrency continues to make major news across the globe and amongst investors seeking trusted strategies to monetize on their investments.

2019 marked a year when Investing in Cryptocurrency ranked as a top 10 topic amongst politicians, bankers and mainstream media as the proof of concept is past, and now the focus is on reliability and growth.

From JP Morgan and Facebook to Ernst & Young, more institutions have become players in the market.   As recently noted by CoinTelegraph’s expert review of 2019 that featured insights from Paolo Ardoino, Chief technology officer of Bitfinex, Marc P. Bernegger, Fintech investor at Crypto Broker AG, Paul Brody, Blockchain lead at Ernst & Young, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, Founder and CEO of Binance, Christoph Iwaniez, Chief financial officer of Bitwala amongst many other highly regarded and respected experts in the Cryptocurrency industry; 2020 will continue to push the industry further into this new area of regulation, adoption and growth.

At its best and at its lowest, people investing in cryptocurrency are seeking trusted brokers and firms to manage their investments. U.S.-based company, Digital Assets Manager has met the demand by introducing never-before available technology — the industry’s most tested, proven trading bot that has consistently generated profits regardless of the market conditions after nearly three years of continuous live trials within the Exchange.  The company features API keys on their website so prospective investors can view Digital Assets Manager’s proprietary trading bot perform live at any point day or night.

One of many advantages of the trading bot is its round-the-clock tracking and trade model capturing the best opportunities in real time as trades occur across the globe. As a result, of this and the complex, dual-phase algorithm, Digital Assets Manager’s bot has delivered consistent annual returns of 16%-20% each year regardless of market conditions.



Alexandra Platonova

As a result of the past three years, Digital Assets Manager is changing the way people look at the cryptocurrency industry. “We are here to show that when using our trading bot, the cryptocurrency market becomes one of the most effective and safest ways to invest or grow your FIAT or digital assets.  Our one-of-a-kind algorithm has been reliable throughout market changes in real-time, it simply doesn’t compare to any other technology currently available,” states CEO, Alexandra Platanova from the Boca Raton, Florida-based headquarters. 


How Does Round-the-Clock, Fully-Programmed Trading Work?

  • Patented Strictly Math-Based Algorithm that Generates Profitable Returns
  • Account Owner Maintains Full Control
  • Users Can Monitor Transparent Data With Real Time Trades As They Happen
  • A Safe, Reliable, Hands-Off Trading Experience
  • Work With Top Exchanges

What You Can Expect:

  • Consistent Returns In All Market Conditions
  • Minimal Risk + Unparalleled Safety Settings
  • Zero Fees for Performance, Penalties or Management
  • Real Client Service by Real People within the US
  • Complimentary 30 Day Trial   (Try for Free, Keep the Profits)

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How You’re Protected:

  • Digital Assets Manager’s platform is cloud based and simply plugs into your exchange account through API keys. Only you have full control of your account.
  • Digital Assets Manager’s proprietary Cryptocurrency Exchange Trading Bot puts buy and sell orders only.

Stan  “Currently, the cryptocurrency exchange market represents one of the best trading opportunities. With years of trading records, our exclusive fully-programmed and automated Trading Bot has proven to become a truly breakthrough strategy in the space. Forget about conventional buy and hold. Once connected, our robot trades 24/7 within a “profit on every trade” algorithm setting. This is the most calculated and stable way to grow any account. We have the tools to help our investors and businesses succeed with any budget,” Stan Tarasov, Founder and CTO of Digital Assets Manager

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