Do I need to have any experience and/or existing crypto exchange account to get started?

No. Our bots are fully optimized and automated. We offer full guidance with setting up all the necessary accounts.

I already have Coinbase account. Can I utilize your robot?

With already existing Coinbase account you are well on your way to start automated trading. Just contact us for further assistance.

Can I trade Stablecoins pairs?

Yes. Our bot can trade stablecoin pairs .

Can I trade my BTC and/or ETH?

Yes. Our bots are designed to trade all available Bitcoin and/or Eutherium pairs consistently increasing the number of your coins.

Am I risking my account security when plugging in your robot?

No. Our bot gets access to place buy and sell orders ONLY. Users have full control of their accounts.

What exchanges is your bot compatible with?

Our bot is designed to work with top exchanges that are reliable and secured like Binance, Bittrex and Huobi.

Can your bot be used to trade large accounts?

Yes! Our algorithm seamlessly adapts to 6 and 7 figure accounts.


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